Avira vs Webroot

Avira vs Webroot Comparison

Avira and Webroot are two superb security programs and are in our top ten list of antivirus programs.

They provide you with antivirus, antispyware, antispam, internet security and firewall protection. And you can download one of these online to get immediate protection for your computer if you don’t prefer something like the Fix Me Stick.

Webroot has the best antivirus/antispyware combo in the industry. And its Spy sweeper program helps you fight the biggest threat you are likely to face online, spyware.

Unfortunately, Webroot is missing some important features like a laptop mode, link scanner and a rescue CD.

The laptop mode is a necessary feature for your laptop as you use it on the road and to save your battery power. So it’s disappointing to see that Webroot hasn’t included this feature in their software.

Link scanner and a rescue CD are also needed to protect you as you surf the web and when you need a rescue CD to reboot your computer, neither of which have been included by Webroot.

Avira is also missing some important features like a gamer mode and a rollback functionality, but overall it’s a good program.

Removing Viruses and Spyware

Webroot does virus and spyware detection and removal extremely well, and that’s due to its top-notch antivirus and antispyware program.

As the best spyware removal program in the industry, Webroot spy sweeper revolves around 13 protective shields that protect your network, web browsing, Windows, start up programs, email and more.

Each shield covers an area on your PC. And the browser shield for example, keeps you safe online, blocking internet explorer hijacks, exploits and tracking cookies.

Webroot has earned several awards including Virus Bulletin 100%. It certifies that the antivirus engine is capable of protecting you from 100% of known in-the-wild viruses. It is also approved by ICSA and certified by West Coast Labs, an effective solution for desktop antivirus, anti-trojan, anti-malware and antispyware.

Avira has also been approved by the above testers but it’s not as effective as Webroot at spyware removal.

Its virus protection is one of the best in the industry and has caught 99.3% of malware (malicious software) that was thrown at it by AV Comparatives during testing. But it lags behind Webroot in overall protection.

Webroot monitors and detects all forms of malware programs and effectively ends running processes and removes associated registry entries.

It also has a proactive technology feature which finds malware before it even has the chance to reach your computer.


Webroot Antivirus & SpySweeper is a good security program with only Kaspersky and BitDefender performing better.

It has a good antivirus scanning engine and includes many essential features you won’t receive from Avira AntiVir.

Visit Webroot or Avira to make a purchase or for more info.


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