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How to Remove Alpha Antivirus from Your Computer

Alpha Antivirus is one of the latest viruses to hit the personal computers worldwide and it is spreading like wildfire through the internet. As is the case with the latest spywares, Alpha antivirus acts like a security tool that seems concerned about your computer’s safety but in reality, it is a sneaky program that could steal your personal and financial information. If you have a personal computer and use it regularly to browse the internet then it is recommended that you get it checked for the presence of Alpha antivirus and take steps to get rid of it immediately.

There are several ways in which your computer could get infected with Alpha antivirus. The most common methods of infection include browser hijacking, installing fake video codecs from multimedia files downloaded from warez or P2P sites, clicking on suspicious links received on social networks or emails and visiting the infected sites and so on. As soon as your computer gets infected with Alpha antivirus you will start seeing fake security scans and pop-up messages. Some other symptoms of infection include browser hijacking,

Some other symptoms of infection include browser hijacking, the presence of strange icons and programs on your desktop etc. The intention is to scare you into believing that your computer is loaded with dangerous viruses and spyware and you need extra protection that only the full version of Alpha antivirus can provide. Do not fall into the trap and reveal your credit card information.

How To Remove Alpha Antivirus From Your Computer?

If your computer is infected with Alpha antivirus then you must take steps to get rid of it immediately. You can choose a manual or automatic method of removal. The manual method is risky and requires a lot of expertise with Windows programs and registry. The manual method of removing Alpha antivirus includes deleting registry entries, associated LNK, DLL and EXE files and blocking the access to infected websites. You must be careful to remove every trace of the virus from your computer or it will simply regenerate itself when you reboot your machine.

As you can see from the above paragraph, removing Alpha antivirus manually requires a lot of expertise with Windows and is best left for security experts. If you want to get rid of Alpha antivirus fast without tinkering with Windows registry or programs then you must choose an automatic method of removal. There are several good antivirus software that claim to remove Alpha antivirus successfully but you must stick to the reputed ones. Browse through the list of antivirus software on download sites such as CNET or Tucows and download an antivirus that has a good rating. If the antivirus offers a free trial, then install it and see if it able to remove Alpha antivirus successfully.

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